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The one that comes out best of Anatole Litvak 's directorial trap is Charles Boyer. He spoke much of his frustration through his facial expressions and those where spot on!

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Brief Synopsis: A French nobleman Charles Boyer , tired of his unstable, vindictive wife Barbara O'Neil , falls in love with his children's governess Davis , leading to inevitable scandal, death and shame. Verdict: OK, it's time for me to hold my hands up and admit I'd got it wrong about the acting abilities of Ms.

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  6. Davis throughout all these years I've been watching her movies. My recent re-watches of The Little Foxes, Now, Voyager, The Letter and now this majestic adaptation of a bestselling novel by Rachel Fields have made me 'see the light', so to speak. What we have here is a….

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    Script champions a real-life murderer, who brutally killed his fat, ageing but rich wife, with the subtlety of a sledgehammer. Here Boyer chooses plain but loving governess Davis over glamorous "crazy" wife who is a meanie to everyone.

    She is an extra meanie to Davis and her adulterous husband and thus is murdered by Boyer and possibly Davis. An excellent period piece, Warner Bros.

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    Wonderfully poetic in its dialogue, gorgeous cinematography and wonderful direction throughout High marks go to the production and costume designing, as well , but it's the cast that make the movie. Though the child actors are hit or miss, Barbara O'Neil is great as the jealous wife, and Charles Boyer and Bette Davis have a wonderful chemistry, with Miss Davis giving one of her most subtle performances, so gentle and heartfelt.

    Very elegantly produced in every aspect, from the pompous production design, to Bette Davis' perhaps too subtle performance. Barbara O'Neill has the juicier role in the film as a selfish duchess that's going insane because of her jealousy and unrequited love, but it's not enough to make All This, and Heaven Too anything more than an afterthough in the grand scheme of old Hollywood melodramas, and in the grand scheme of Bette Davis' memorable films and performances.

    Review by tga.

    All This, and Heaven Too

    Amazing how this movie is based on a true story! Davis is great as usual, playing against type, her tendency to play strong-willed but flawed women set aside for an innocent, wholly good person caught up in a bad situation and one of the great things about watching several films in a row with one actor is seeing the range they're able to convey across various roles; Davis's talent can easily be seen immediately but all together it's truly impressive , but this mostly understated melodrama, which is far, far too long, is hampered by some cringe inducing, syrupy sweet child actors given over the top, unrestrained praise for the poor Mademoiselle if I never hear that word again, I'll die happy , laid on extra thick by her new students having an instant about face and proclaiming their love for her.


    List is mainly female protagonists, but also includes some films where a…. This is a list of period films organized by the year or decade they were set in.

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    Vintage Review: All This and Heaven Too - A Heartbreaking Romance

    Most Popular Yes What? Set in 19th Century Paris, this is the story of a young lady who takes the position of Governess to the Duc and Duchesse de Praslin. The events of the de Praslin household implicate Henriette in intrigue, kidnap, and even murder, when all she really wants to do is start a new life with the man she loves. To make it easy to purchase, you just need to register with your e-mail address and a password of your choice, in. If you are a returning customer simply re-enter your email address and password to continue your shopping.

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